Amazon is popular as one of the world’s largest e-commerce platforms. The U.S e-commerce giant is believed to process over 400,000 orders per day. Orders can be made via the Amazon website or mobile app (both iOS & Android).

While customers navigate the platform, Amazon keeps track of each customer’s activities by recording their browsing history as well as orders. For some customers, this may be an issue especially if they share an account with someone else. To prevent other parties from catching wind of purchase you would rather keep private, you simply hide the order.

Amazon currently does not allow customers to delete an order from their account. The closest feature to this is the “Archive Order”. This feature allows customers to hide an order from their default order history. This means that anyone that checks your order history won’t find that order there.

Many people do not know how to do this. A useful guide on how to hide order on Amazon is provided here for those in need of the information. How do I hide orders on Amazon? Find answers below.

How to Hide Orders on Amazon

You currently cannot delete orders on Amazon but you can hide them by archiving them. This helps to maintain your privacy if the need arises to keep some orders hidden. Archived orders are removed from your default order history meaning your partner/spouse won’t see them when they open your order history.

To hide your orders on Amazon, simply visit the Amazon website in your preferred web browser. On the Amazon website, sign in to your account with your registered email & password if you are not automatically logged in. Once you are logged in, click Account & Lists. It is located under the magnifying glass icon on the right. You will be presented with a list of options after clicking Account & Lists.


From the list, select “Your Orders”. It can be found next to the icon of an Amazon package. Click on it. You will see all your Amazon orders. Scroll down the page to locate the order that you want to hide. You will see the most recent orders first. To see older orders, click the pull-down menu at the top to select a different time frame. You can also click a number at the bottom of the page to move quickly to older orders.

Once you find the order that you want to hide, click “Archive Order”. The ‘’Archive Order’’ button is located at the bottom-right of the order you want to hide. Once you click on it, a pop-up window opens. You will click another “Archive Order” button in the lower-right corner of the pop-up window. This “Archive Order” button is yellow & is to confirm that you truly want to hide this particular order.

As soon as you click this yellow “Archive Order” button, the order is archived & would not appear in your default order history anymore.

Can you hide orders on Amazon app 2021? Yes, you can also hide orders on the Amazon app. The process is similar to that described above but for clarity, it is described below.

How to Hide Orders on Amazon App 2021

Archiving your order is how you hide them on Amazon. The process is quite easy & takes just a few steps to accomplish. Open the Amazon app on your mobile device & sign in with your registered email & password. Once logged into your Amazon account, click menu, then click “Accounts and Lists”.

After that, click “Order History” to open your orders. Identify the order that you want to hide. Click on it & select the “Archive Order” option found at the bottom of the description box. To confirm that you truly want to archive that order, you will click “Archive Order” again in the next icon. That order is immediately archived & is no longer visible in your default order history. Note that you can archive up to 500 orders on your Amazon account.

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For those asking how do I hide an Amazon order on my iPhone? The process described above works on the Amazon app whether iOS version or android. Just follow the process described here to hide orders on your Amazon app.

So what happens when you archive an order on Amazon? The order isn’t deleted, it is only hidden & no longer visible in your default order history. The order can still be viewed & restored. Details of how to do this are provided below.

How to Find Archived Orders on Amazon

On the Amazon website or app, open menu & click on “Accounts & Lists”. Then select “Your Orders”. After that click “Past Six Months”, then scroll down & click “Achieved Orders”. A list of your achieved orders will be displayed. You can then scroll down to find any order that you are interested in.

How to Restore Hidden Order on Amazon

To restore an achieved order, first, you need to find it by following this process.

On the Amazon website or app, open menu & click “Accounts & Lists”. Then select “Your Orders”. After that click “Past Six Months”, then scroll down & click “Achieved Orders”. A list of your achieved orders will be displayed. You can then scroll down to find any order that you are interested in.

After finding the order, click on it. A box will be displayed containing details of that order. At the bottom of that box, you will find the “Unarchive Order” button. Click on it & the order will be restored to your default order history.

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How Long Does Amazon Keep Your Order History?

Amazon keeps your order history for 6 months. This means that any order you place on Amazon remains visible on default order history for 6 months unless you hide it. If the need arises for you to hide any order from your history, the procedure to follow is described below.

Delete Amazon Order History

You currently cannot delete your Amazon order history. Instead, you can hide any order that you do not want to appear in your default order history. The process for hiding/archiving your Amazon order history is described in this article.

How to View Your Purchase History on Amazon.

Log in to your Amazon account. After that, select “Accounts & Lists” then click on “Your Orders”. A list of your past orders spanning the last 6 months will be displayed.

How to Clear Amazon Browsing History

While you cannot delete your Amazon order history, you can, however, clear your browsing history on the platform. This will delete all the items you searched for on your Amazon account. To do this, follow this process.

Open the Amazon website & log in to your account if not logged in automatically. Click “Browsing History”, then on your far right, click “Manage History”. After that, select “Remove all items from View”. Once you click that button, your entire browsing history will be cleared. You can also choose to turn off the browsing history completely. Your activities on Amazon will then be kept hidden

Conclusion (How to Hide Orders on Amazon)

Details of how to hider orders on Amazon have been covered for those interested in that information. That means you can now place orders without fear of third-party catching wind of it. This is particularly important for those who share a single Amazon account with their spouse or partner.

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