It is not unusual for someone to forget their phone number. It happens to a lot of people so if you forget yours, no need to panic. Most telecoms subscribers have put in place different methods for their subscribers to check their number on the go if the need arises. Globacom, one of Nigeria’s top telecoms service providers isn’t left out. There are at least 5 methods that can be used to retrieve a Glo number.

The five methods are discussed in detail here.

How To Retrieve My Glo Number

How to check Glo number is a question often asked by many subscribers on Glo network. If you don’t know how, here are five methods to check Glo number.

Dial 1244The first method you can use to check your Glo number is to dial a 4-digit code from your Glo line. The number to call is 1244. If you dial this number from your Glo line, your Glo phone number will be will called out to you by voice. You will need a pen and paper to write it down. 

This is one of the methods that can be used to check a Glo number. Just dial 1244 from that Glo line that you want to check the number. 

  1. USSD Code

These days there is a USSD code for so many things. You can also check your Glo number by dialing the USSD code assigned for that purpose. The USSD code for checking Glo number is *135*8#. If you dial this code from a Glo line, the number associated with that number will be displayed on your phone. 


Note that the number is displayed in the international format, with the country code included. For example, if your Glo phone number is 08051234567, the number that you will sew if you dial the code is 2348051234567. That is the international format of your phone number. You can remove the country code (234) and replace it with 0 to change the number back to the national format.

  1. Visit Glo website

A third method that you can use to check your Glo number is to visit the Glo website. This method is useful only if you have a mobile phone with internet functionality. The Glo website is If you visit this website, your phone number will be displayed on the upper right screen of the homepage. You can easily visit this webpage anytime you need to check your Glo number.

  1. Call or Text a Friend

Another method that you can use to check your phone number is to call or text a friend. Call or text a friend from your Glo number and ask them to supply the phone number displayed. This method is not recommended as it involves a bit of stress. The first three methods are easier to use.

  1. Call Glo Customer Care Line

The last method is a bit stressful and is also not recommended. It involves calling the Glo customer care line, 121. This method is not recommended because it takes longer to obtain the required information than any of the first three methods. You will have to wait to speak to a customer care agent to get your phone number if you use this option. This option should only be used if all the other methods fail or are unavailable which is very unlikely.


These are the five methods currently available for checking a Glo number. You can use any of these five methods to check your Glo number at any time. The first three are easier to use and provide swift response while the last two options take longer to complete and are not recommended. 

Code To Check Glo Number 2021

Use this code *135*8# to check your Glo number. 

Glo USSD codes

Here is a list of some useful Glo USSD codes and shortcodes to carry out some services on the Glo network.

Customer care Dial 121

Service Information Dial *124*2# 

Tariff Information. Dial *124*3#

Airtime Top-up Dial *134*airtime pin#

Airtime Balance Enquiry Dial *124# 

Call center Dial 100

To check your Glo number Dial*1244#

To check bonus data balance Dial *124*1#

To borrow airtime on Glo Dial *5321#

Package and charging plan Dial *125*2#

To buy data plans *555#

To Gift Yakata Plus date Dial *127*27*number#  

To share data Dial *555*1# or visit

To send voicemail Dial 108       

To receive voicemail Dial 109

To buy airtime and data *543# Buy airtime and data

To add numbers to the Family & Friends list   

Dial *101*1*F&F Glo Number#

To modify numbers on the Family & Friends list   

Dial *101*2*Old Glo No*New Glo No#

To delete numbers on the Friends & Family list   

Dial *101*3*Old Glo No#

To retrieve the Family & Friends number list  

Dial *101*4#  

For Glo Yakata Dial *455#

For Family & Friends Dial *125*1#

To port your number Text PORT to 600


To check if your number is registered   

Dial *400#

For Blackberry Plans Dial *777#

Conclusion (How To Check My Glo number)

A detailed guide on how to check my Glo number is provided in the body of this article. Any of the described methods can be used at any time to check your Glo number.

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