It happens that sometimes you may need to verify your phone number due to multiple SIM and so on. In Nigeria, most mobile phone users have multiple phone numbers which may lead to confusion sometimes. This is why telecoms service providers have made provision for subscribers on their platform to request for their phone number and this would be supplied to them instantly.

The processes for obtaining this information varies from network to network. In this post, we shall be focusing on how to check the MTN number. This can be done in so many ways, all of which come at no cost. Below are the methods you can employ to check your MTN number anytime you need to do so. 

Method 1: USSD CODE

You can easily obtain information about your mobile line using the USSD code provided by MTN. This code provides information such as phone number, account balance and so on.

To check your phone number using the USSD code option, simply dial *123#. You are then presented with several options to select from. Select option 1 which is My Account Info to proceed. Again, you are presented with several options. The first being My Number. Select option 1 again. Your phone number is then displayed instantly.

If you want to save yourself the stress of going from one stage to another, you can access your number directly by pressing *123*1*1# and your MTN number will be displayed instantly. Another USSD code you can use to check your MTN number is *663#. Pressing this USSD code will also fetch your MTN number and it will be displayed at once. 

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In summary, the following USSD codes will fetch you your MTN number instantly. 

  • *123*1*1#
  • *663# 

Method 2: MTN Self-service

MTN has a self-service portal that is operational throughout the day. To access this service, your phone number and PIN are required. You can also download and install the mobile app directly on your smartphone.

To download the app, simply text ‘Care’ 5018 from your MTN line. An SMS will be sent to you which contains the link to download the app. The app is called MyMTN App. Install it and you can use it to access all kinds of information about your MTN line. 

Method 3: Request Call Back

Another method to check your MTN number is to request a Call Me Back. The Call Me Back feature is available on the MTN network and allows you to send an automated text to your family and friends for free. This way, they get to see your phone number and supply it to you.

To use this feature, simply dial *133# and input the phone number of your friend or family member you want the text to be sent to. Remember the feature is free of charge and can be accessed by dialing *133#.

Method 4: Call Your Friends

If you have airtime left on your phone, you can dial any number on your contact list and have the person supply you your phone number. The person does not have to pick up your call if the person is next to you. Your number will be displayed on their phone and you can copy it immediately.


If the person is not with you, then you may need to let them pick up your call and explain the situation to them. They will then supply you your phone number either by calling it out for you over the phone or sending you a text. 

Method 5: Use Customer Service

Another method to check your MTN number is to call their customer service. Call them on 180 which is toll-free and then opt to speak with one of their agents. Ask the agent to give you the phone number you are calling with and your request will be granted instantly. 

The easiest method to check your MTN number is to use the USSD codes *123*1*1# or *663#. The other methods also work but are more stressful. 

You can also check your phone number on other major telecom operators in Nigeria such as Globacom, Airtel and 9mobile. To do this, the codes to use are supplied below. 

How To Check 9mobile Phone Number

9mobile was formerly known as Etisalat, so if you have an Etisalat SIM, you are now on the 9mobile network. Checking your number on 9mobile is straightforward.

9mobile offers one of the easiest methods for checking your phone number. To check your phone number on 9mobile, simply dial *248# and your number would be displayed on your phone’s screen instantly.

How To Check Your Glo Phone Number

Globacom, popularly known as Glo also offers an easy method for checking your phone number. All you have to do is dial the appropriate USSD code and your phone number will be displayed on your phone’s screen. The code to dial on the Glo network is *135*8#. Once you enter this code and dial it, your Glo number will be displayed instantly. 


How To Check Your Airtel Phone Number

For subscribers on the Airtel network, there is a system in place for checking your phone number also. The code to dial is *121# and then follow the on-screen instructions. After dialing *121#, select 1 and send for My Account option. On the next prompt, select 1 again for My Number option and send it. Immediately you send this, your number would be displayed. 


This article has informed you on how to check your MTN number in case you forget it. There are several ways that you can check your number on the MTN network and this has been discussed extensively.

Information on how to check your number on other networks too such as Airtel, 9mobile and Glo have also been provided. So now you can go on to have multiple phone numbers without fear of not knowing the numbers. Just dial the appropriate code anytime you need to check the number.

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