Heaven’s Gate

“Open your eyes “he said using his fingers trying to tug my eyes open. “look up nah!!,he exclaimed with a hint of frustration in his tone. “If I look up the airplane will fall on me” I replied remembering what Dada had told me yesterday as the cause of why the airplane in the movie crashed, “too many people were watching it “she had said with eyes glued to the small television.
“Me that has been looking at it has it crashed? “he asked still trying to get my eyes open.

“Ikenna leave your small sister alone “my mothers voice rang from the balcony but Ikenna wouldn’t let go, he kept tugging at my face and in my attempt to fight his hands off I pushed him hard causing him to stumble away from me.I still had my eyes closed when I heard the first scream and then more screams followed.

“Had the plane crashed?”,
”had Ikenna been up to more mischief?”
,”had Ma fallen from the balcony?”. ~Oh no!!,mum had been telling dad to get someone to build up the wall but he had been procrastinating, something he is very good at.

The screams grew louder and soon heavy footsteps complemented them. In fear I opened my eyes and beheld a blood chilling sight, my 10year old brother Ikenna, pinned to a tree with a thick branch pierced through his chest. I froze in shock, my legs went numb and my heart raced with fear.
“Ifeyinwa igaghi egbu m oohh”(Ifeyinwa you won’t kill me oohh)my mum screamed in igbo.
I stood staring at my brother’s body as the men gently pulled him off the tree branch,I KILLED HIM,I HAD KILLED MY BROTHER, it wasn’t intentional but still Ikenna was dead and I caused it.I stood still looking around me, at the faces of the people who stood crying, when I caught sight of the knife on the floor and slowly moved towards it.
I needed to explain to my brother that I hadn’t intended to push him that hard, I hadn’t meant to push him to his death, maybe if I stabbed myself I would meet him on the road to heaven and quickly explain myself and we would come back together.
Before anyone could notice what I was up to I had placed the knife over my heart and pushed. I knew where the heart was, because just yesterday our P.E teacher showed us where it was and that’s where I stabbed but I wasn’t prepared for the pain that followed, it was worse than what I felt when Pa flogged me with sticks or when Ma slaps me for misbehaving or even when our headmistress flogs me for coming late but the thought of meeting my brother again and explaining everything to him made the pain bearable it made me feel better.
As I closed my eyes I saw Ma running towards me in tears, “don’t cry MA, I will soon be back with Ikenna”I thought before darkness took me.

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