Former ‘Bachelor’ star, Colton Underwood Says he Feels ‘Awesome’ and ‘Free’ After Coming Out as Gay

Colton Underwood says he feels ‘awesome and free and happy’ after coming out as gay. 
Colton made this known while answering questions during a sit-down interview on Good Morning America, which aired on Wednesday April 14. The Former ‘Bachelor’ star, who had documented his quest to find his perfect woman on three seasons of The Bachelor, an ABC dating show franchise, said: “I’ve ran from myself for a long time. I’ve hated myself for a long time.”

Underwood declared to Roberts in a pre-taped chat saying “And I’m gay. And I came to terms with that earlier this year and have been processing it. And the next step in all of this was sort of letting people know.”
“I’m still nervous, but yeah,” he continued. “It’s been a journey for sure.”

 Roberts, who is also openly gay, retorted, saying she could “see the joy” and “see the relief” expressed in Underwood’s face, she said he was “emotional in, like such a good, happy, positive way,” and is “the happiest and healthiest” he’s ever been.

Underwood disclosed it was not an easy decision, saying he went through a “dark and bad” time before he could reveal this about himself, describing his “wake up call” was a feeling like he “would’ve rather died” than say he’s gay.

“There was a moment in L.A. that I woke up and I didn’t think I was gonna wake up. I didn’t have the intentions of waking up he said. And I did,” he recalled, noting this moment and other “suicidal thoughts” – had led him to “take back control” of his life.

Roberts asked about the women from his “Bachelor” season and how they among others may feel misled, Underwood said he “would understand why they think that way.”

‘I genuinely mean that. But I also at the same time like but I can sit here and say I’m sorry to all those women and can also say thank you because without them and without the bachelor franchise, I don’t know if like this would have ever came out.’
“I’ve thought a lot about this too, of, ‘Do I regret being the Bachelor and do I regret handling it the way that I did?’ I do,” he said. “I do think I could’ve handled it better, I’ll say that.”

Underwood said he “genuinely” wishes he hadn’t dragged people into “my own mess”

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