“Flaunting your boyfriend online is unacceptable”- Ifemeludike cautions James Brown.

Nollywood actress, Ifemeludike has taken to her Instagram page to caution James Brown about flaunting his boyfriend on the social media space. She made this post as a result of the video posts which the crossdresser made on his Instagram page and story, where he was having moments of affection with his boyfriend who he simply identified as Papito.

She stated that this act is unacceptable as he is indirectly influencing young boys and recruiting more boys to join in being homosexual. She added that he has hidden behind crossdressing for so long and has now decided to make his homosexuality public by posting those videos.

She proceeded to advice him against going against the will of God, as homosexuality is against the natural plan of God for humanity. She concluded by stating that violence should not be meted out on homosexuals but they should be corrected with love and their families pray for them to return to to Christ.

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