FG Negotiates 160billion Naira Ransom with Fulani Herdsmen.

Following the incessant killings, kidnapping and insecurity in Nigeria by the deadly Fulani herdsmen, the federal government has hosted a meeting in Kaduna with the association of cattle breeders in Kebbi state offering the herdsmen a sum of 100billion naira to stop with the killings and kidnaps. This meeting had the minister of interiors and the inspector general of police, amongst others in attendance.

This is after two months of negotiating from 160billion naira to 100billion naira.
The Fulani herdsmen who release their flocks to graze on farmlands, rape women, kill resisting farmers and kidnap travellers have been pronounced to the the fourth most deadliest terrorist group in Nigeria.

Nigerians rage as the news of the negotiations get to their doorsteps. There is a mixture of anger, sadness, frustration and hate in every opinion from Nigerians.

The federal government has been owing lecturers salaries for years, and the healthcare sector is nothing to write home about.
Nigerian students were made to stay at home for close to one year due to ASUU strike. They were demanding for 220 billion naira that accrued to them, but the federal government claimed that the country is broke and cannot afford to pay that sum of money.
After months of negotiations and wasting of students’ time, they finally agreed on 80billion naira.
Subsequently, ASUU has threatened to go on another strike because tilI date, the 80billion naira hasn’t been remitted to them.

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