Fashion: Della Sagoe tops the list of contemporary fashion designers in Nigeria

A popular fashion designer, Della Sagoe, has broken the internet with her unique styles and patterns of sewing.
The Instagram fashion guru has been said to be one of the most talented designers in the fashion designers, with her designs travelling far and wide.

Today, everyone wants a dress from Deola Sagoe, and some jokingly wish they could retake their wedding vows so as to have her make their dress.

Deola is indeed good in what she does and this is why her works have spread like wildfire even without much advertisement.

Due to the influx of posts about her, she made it to number three position on the Twitter trend table. So far, so many women and even men have decided that it’s either Deola makes their wedding dresses or they don’t get wedded at all.

As expected, some persons have given moral advice on the sudden crave for designs by Deola Sagoe.
A certain male nurse has advised women to cut their coat according to their cloth if they cannot afford the uprising designer, as it has been rumored that she charges millions to get a dress done for clients.
He also advised men to speak to their women if they insist on getting a dress from her, because one cannot do more than their effort can carry.

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