Erratic power supply in the country is due to dry season – Minister of Power, Abubakar Aliyu

Minister of Power, Abubakar Aliyu has claimed that the erratic power supply witnessed in the country is due to dry season which resulted in reduced hydro capacity of the dams used to generate electricity.

Aliyu said this on Thursday March 3, in Abuja during the state house ministerial briefing. The minister also said that asides the low water level at the hydro dams, the ongoing maintenance work on some power plants around the country also contributed to the reduced power supply.

He said;

“I would like to discuss the increased load shedding. You may have observed in Abuja and other areas in the country. With the reduction in hydro capacity during the dry season, additional loads need to be taken up by our gas plants.

“We are having maintenance work in the eastern axis around Odupami, leading to reduced power supply from the usually reliable NDPHC Calabar power plant, and we are having challenges at Okoloma gas station linked to AFAM 6 power plant.

“We are working with NNPC and other gas suppliers. Also to improve the pressure on the western axis, and that is precluding this unit from reaching optimum supply. These challenges are surmountable.”

Aliyu further said that government is doing everything to make available an optimum supply of gas to ensure quick restoration of power.

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