Erica started off her career with GoFundMe”

The top Big Brother Lockdown Edition housemate, Erica Nlewedim has received a lot of trolling from fans because of a tweet she made in reply to @KaylahOniwo on Twitter.
The disqualified housemate bragged about not being able to tweet what Kaylah tweeted because obviously, her fans would come through for her, just like they did when she was disqualified.

Erica the star girl has received backlash from enemies of the elites, calling her a shameless beggar. They recall when she was disqualified due to getting three strikes and being outrightly disrespectful to Laycon, the winner of the BBN Lockdown edition.
Her fans started a GoFundMe of $72, 317 which was raised in not more than two weeks.
Obviously, these sets of people are still mad at the contributors for donating money to such course, rather than putting it in more important ventures. But, people have the right to do what they want with their money, right?

Erica who is known to always ignore insults and backlash and sit back while her loyal fans, the Elites, do the fighting has today decided to show that she’s not foolish.
She has dedicated her time to reply to every disrespectful comment and put them in their right place. She clearly states that the GoFundMe was opened without her consent, so she didn’t beg for money; her fans did it out of the abundance of their hearts.
She also brags about her fans who always come through for her.

Elites haven’t failed in backing their queen up. They state that Erica isn’t the first celebrity to ask fans for money. According to them, Don Jazzy and some other celebrities also do it, so why is it a problem when it comes to Erica?

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