“Enough is Enough”, Indigenes of Oyo State kick.

It is no news that Fulani herdsmen have long been a menace in several communities across Nigeria. They do not only release their herds to feast on farmer’s crops, they kill the farmers when they protest against the wicked act, they rape women and also destroy properties.

The Fulani herdsmen are known for their unapologetic vile behavior and for also residing in the forests. Plying roads leading to the North is unsafe because of these bandits. They kidnap innocent people and demand ridiculous ransoms.

The people of Ibarapa, Oyo state have taken the bold step of chasing the Fulani herdsmen out of their villages. This wouldn’t have been possible without the courageous Yoruba man named Sunday Igboho.

He had already given the Fulani herdsmen seven days ultimatum to vacate the village and its forests. Today being the last day, Sunday Igboho has led the youth and other occupants of the village to chase every single Fulani herdsman out of their village. He is seen in a video addressing the people. In another video, the people of Ibarapa match courageously around the village, combing every part in order to make sure that no Fulani herdsman is left out.


This particular video has stirred annoyance amongst the people of Northern Nigeria. They kick against the action by the people and ask that the Oyo state government look into the issue. Non-northerners have come out in response to condemn their insensitivity and asked that the northern leaders provide ranches for their clansmen to graze their flock.

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