EndSARS protests rekindled.

The one month old protest which was halted due to the Lekki massacre has been set to continue.
The conceded citizens of Nigeria got fed up of the injustice that is very prevalent in the country and decided to protest against the rising cases of police brutality. They came out in their numbers in October to block major roads in a bid to get their voices heard and their demands met. For days, young Nigerian youth marched the roads with so much anger in their heart to male their grievances known.
The protests were met with a lot of distractions and disruptions by agent from the government, yet the youth never relented. They surged ahead as it was a fight to finish.
They were protesting against police brutality, illegal killing of innocent citizens by the police who are supposed to protect them and extortion.
The protests were brought to a halt on the October 20, 2020 when soldiers were sent in their numbers to the overnight protests that was being held at Lekki tollgate. The lights were turned off, they were surrounded by the soldiers, and the soldiers shot sporadically at them. DJ Switch who was present at the incident started an Instagram live to get people at alert as to what was happening and to get help. People were shot, injured and killed. It was a massacre that left people in pools of blood and tears.
The Lagos state government ordered a curfew in order to maintain sanity in the state, but hoodlums who were tagged #EndSARS protesters razed down buildings and bus stations.
Due to the massacre at Lekki tollgate, it has not been functioning as a tolgate since October 20, 20.
On February 7 2021, it was announced that the tollgate is set to start functioning again.
This got Nigerians angry and they’re set to go back to the streets to block every form of extortion that is set to happen. They would not sit and watch the death of Lekki protesters go in vain.
They’re set to start their protests on Saturday, February 13, 2021


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