EKSU Students Protest on Social Media.

The students of the Ekiti State University, Ado Ekiti have had it up to their throats and can no longer bear it, so they have resorted to protesting on Twitter.

They have complained bitterly about the bad state of affairs of students in the university which has been left unattended to. According to the aggrieved students, the school has been lacking constant power supply, so they have to pass through pain to read for exams.

On the top of the list of their complains are the issues of missing scripts. Many students have come out en masse to express their displeasure about this gross lack of accountability on the path of the lecturers. Worse is the fact that it is now a tradition in the university that no one takes it seriously. Students have moved from one level to the next without knowing their GPA. The results of these are frustration, very poor results, amongst others.

Students have continued to complain bitterly on social media as this seems to be the only medium they can air their grievances and possibly get the attention of the federal government. The educational system is not favourable and the government has done nothing to ease the affairs of students.

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