Edo bars unvaccinated civil servants from work

Unvaccinated civil servants have been barred from coming to their offices by the Edo state government.

Unvaccinated residents of the state were also barred from accessing public places, days after Governor Godwin Obaseki made the announcement.

Permanent Secretary of Edo State Ministry of Health, Osamwonyi Irowa in a statement released on Tuesday September 14, revealed that from September 15, 2021, the state will commence the enforcement of the “no vaccination card, no access to public places” policy.

Irowa who disclosed that the state government already has a device that will detect whether vaccination cards presented is fake or not, added that 20 special teams have been trained to enforce the policy across the 18 local government of the state.

He said;

“Beginning from September 15, Civil servants and others without COVID-19 vaccination cards will not be allowed into public facilities. Government House and public places will be manned by the task force.

“Those civil servants without the cards and those who have not vaccinated will have to stay and work from home. This will be applicable in the 18 local government areas of the state.”

Irowa stressed that while the state government is not forcing any one to take the vaccine. those without vaccination cards “can’t access our public facilities”

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