Don Jazzy and Peruzzi Advice People Ahead of Valentine’s Day.

The Mavin boss and 30BG singer have given a friendly advice to people who may want to give gifts to their partners ahead of Valentine’s day.

Valentine’s day is fifteen days from now, and a lot of people already have plans to get gifts for their significant other. Some expensive, and others, inexpensive.

In order to avoid stories that touch the heart, Peruzzi alongside Don Jazzy have given friendly advice to the general public.
They admonished that every person should seek to know where they stand with that person. In their words, ask “what are we?” before proceeding to get any gift for the person.

Watch it here

They reiterate this amidst laughter, and it is obvious that they speak from a place of experience.

Just like they advised, be sure to know where you stand with that person before you get told after Valentine’s that you’re just best friends. Don’t be in the friend zone and think yourself as the owner of his/her heart.
Now is the best time to ask that question, “what are we?”


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