DJ Cuppy Sues DMW Israel to Court.

Following Israel’s revelation of what went down between DJ Cuppy and Zlatan, and what caused the latter to block the former on every social media platform, DJ Cuppy has come forward with a statement clearing the air and taking legal steps towards seeing that nothing of the sort reoccurs in the future.

After the female DJ revealed her amazement at Zlatan blocking her, a video of Zlatan surfaced where he publicly denied ever knowing anyone by that name.
After the occurence of these events, Israel, a friend to Zlatan claimed that DJ Cuppy was owing him after they recorded a hit song, and still didn’t cater to his welfare when they went for fund raising at Abuja and he had to stay at Transcorp Hilton hotel, all on his account.

This particular revelation has sneered a lot of feelings and emotions amongst people. They condemn DJ Cuppy for being unprofessional and owing a fellow artist money when she is someone of such social status.

DJ Cuppy has come out today to debunk the information that Israel disseminated to the general public.
She denies ever owing any artist money and insists that she still hasn’t thought out the reason for Zlatan blocking her.
The 28-year old female DJ didn’t stop at debunking the ‘lie’, but she has charged Israel to court for libel defamation of character.

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