DJ Cuppy Reveals Her Displeasure With Fendi.

The popular billionaire daughter and disk jockey, Cuppy has revealed her reasons for stopping her weekly routine of #OffendingWithFendi.

The Jollof on the jet crooner has been rumored by fans to have run out of dresses to push her weekly trend. This is because a week doesn’t go by without her wearing a Fendi clothing item, taking pictures with them and posting them on Twitter with the hashtag #OffendingWithFendi.

She revealed why she stopped doing this in a recent tweet. She stated that she had to stop, not because she doesn’t have Fendi clothes and shoes anymore, but because she was disappointed that her favorite clothing brand failed to acknowledge her efforts towards publicizing the brand. She added that she was hoping that she would get the opportunity to collaborate with them, but they didn’t, even after her team reached out to them.

Fans have said the reason for their rejection is her “bad” fashion sense. They claim that she doesn’t fit in to be an ambassador or model of the brand because of her “bad” dress sense.

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