Diehard patriotic Nigerians drag #EndSARS activist for calling Nigeria a zoo

Savvy Rinu who was one of the persons at the forefront during the #EndSARS protests that held in October and has also become a representative of the Nigerian youth at the judicial panel of enquiry is being dragged and at the same time applauded by Nigerians.

In a tweet she made recently, she said likened Nigeria to a zoo. In this tweet, she complained about how it’s been three months since the Central Bank of Nigeria froze the bank accounts of peaceful protesters for no reason.

This tweet has resulted in an outburst of anger by “patriotic” Nigerians. They accuse her of destroying Lagos and still having the audacity to call it a zoo.
Despite the decay in the economic situation of Nigeria and the bad governance, these people are still in full support of the government.
A government that has no regard for the lives of its citizens.
They are ready to use their last blood in seeing that Rinu goes down.
A picture of Rinu has been placed alongside a gorilla as her family relative since she described Nigeria as a zoo.

In Rinu’s defence, other Nigerians throw insults back at them, for she wasn’t wrong in describing Nigeria as a zoo.
They recount how bad things in Nigeria had come down and how unwilling the leaders are to make it change.
Some suggest that zoos are better off because the animals there are catered for.
Also, people say Nigerians dragging Rinu for stating the obvious shows that Nigeria can never get better due to disunity and biasness that result from getting palms greased.

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Since Rinu is trending on Twitter because of this, she seizes the opportunity to advertise her business. A strategic woman!

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