Recently, news broke that popular Nigerian musician David Adeleke aka Davido had bought a private jet. The private jet, however, belongs to Davido’s father, Dr Deji Adeleke. The musician himself sent out a tweet to confirm the news saying “Congrats Daddy on your (our) new baby”. The tweet had a picture of his dad sitting in the cockpit of a private jet. This tweet confirmed that indeed a private jet was bought but by his father.

Davido’s father is Dr Deji Adeleke, one of Nigeria’s richest man. He is the CEO of Pacific Holdings Limited & has had different business interests over the years. One of his recent acquisitions is a Bombardier Global Express 6000 private jet. He previously bought a Challenger 605 private jet. This makes it 2 private jets for the Adeleke family.

The private jet may have been bought by Dr Adeleke but it technically belongs to Davido also as his son. Davido’s tweet joking pointed this out & formed the basis of the news that Davido had bought a new private jet. Coming from a rich background definitely has its perks. Let’s discuss this private jet in detail.

Davido New Private Jet

Here are some details about the Bombardier Global Express 6000 private jet recently acquired by Davido’s dad.

The Bombardier Global Express 6000 private jet was designed & manufactured by Bombardier Aerospace Company. It is categorized as a long-range business jet. The jet is valued at $62 million which is about #22.61 billion. The Bombardier Global Express 6000 offers maximum comfort & exceptional cabin experience due to its wide cabin room. It has the widest cabin in its class & the cabin is divided into 3 zones.

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The private jet can maintain a cruising speed of 580mph & has a range of 11,112km/6,000 nautical miles. This means the jet can fly for up to 13 hours non-stop. It can comfortably sit up to 18 passengers & 2 crew members. This jet is the only one in its category that features 2 windows in its lavatory instead of one. This makes it easier & more comfortable to freshen up on the jet.

To rent a Bombardier Global Express 6000, the hourly rental rate is $8,600. This is about #3.2 million an hour when converted to naira.

After Dr Adeleke took delivery of his new private jet, he hosted a party on it for family, friends & associates. As expected, his famous son Davido was at the party.

When Did Davido Buy His Private Jet?

Davido’s father took delivery of his new private jet in March 2020. The jet, a Bombardier Global Express 6000 is a long-range business flight capable of intercontinental flights.

How Much Did Davido Buy His Private Jet?

Davido didn’t buy a private jet. His father did. Dr Deji Adeleke recently acquired a Bombardier Global Express 6000. The private jet costs about $62 million.

Davido Father Private Jet

Davido’s father, Dr Deji Adeleke has 2 private jets. The first one is a Challenger 605 private jet. The second one which he bought recently is a Bombardier Global Express 6000 private jet.

How Many Private Jet Does Davido Father Have?

From available information, Davido’s father has 2 private jets. He owns a Challenger 605 private & a Bombardier Global Express 6000. He recently acquired the Bombardier Global Express 6000 for $62 million.

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Dr Deji Adeleke Biography

Dr Deji Adeleke was born on the 6th of March 1957 in Enugu. He is from a prominent family in Ede, Osun state. His father is late Chief Adebayo Adeleke, the brain behind the famous Banana Island in Lagos. Deji Adeleke is the younger brother of the first civilian governor of Osun State, the late Senator Isiaka Adeleke. This shows how prominent the Adeleke is.

Not much is known about the younger years of Dr Deji Adeleke. He is today famous as one of Nigeria’s richest men. He maintains his business interests through Pacific Holdings Limited. An astute businessman, philanthropist & investor, Dr Deji Adeleke is indeed a great man.

Dr Deji Adeleke is also a family man as he was married to Dr Vero Adeleke who unfortunately passed away in 2003. The marriage produced 2 sons & a daughter, one of which is the famous musician Davido. Dr Deji Adeleke is a partnering founder & also the Pro-Chancellor of Adeleke University in Ede, Osun State.

Adedeji Adeleke Net Worth

Davido’s father is one of Nigeria’s richest men. He may not be as famous as his son but is wealthier. Currently, Adedeji Adeleke’s net worth is estimated to be about $900 million. His wealth is from his diversified business portfolio. He is the CEO of Pacific Holding Limited.

How much is Davido Worth 2021?

Despite coming from a privileged background, Davido has worked hard to get to where he is today. His father is rich & he doesn’t waste time letting you realize that fact. His popular slang OBO actually means Omo Baba Olowo (translated as the child of a rich man). Davido has worked his way to the top of the music industry & is celebrated locally & internationally as one of Nigeria’s finest. He has won several awards for his craft.

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As a successful music artist, Davido makes a lot of money from his music career through album sales, royalties, endorsements & so on. So how much is Davido net worth currently? His net worth is estimated to be about $20 million.

Does Wizkid Have Private Jet?

There is no verifiable evidence that he does. Wizkid flies in private jets but it is not known if he owns one.

How Many Nigerian Musician Has Private Jet?

It is not certain if any Nigerian musician currently has a private jet. There have been rumours that Don Jazzy, D’Banj, Wizkid, Davido & some other top Nigerian musicians own private jets. However, there is no verifiable evidence to support this. These celebrities fly private jets no doubt but it is believed that they rent them.

Conclusion (Davido New Private Jet)

Details of the new private jet recently acquired by Davido’s father has been discussed. The jet costs about $62 million. It is a long-range business jet capable of intercontinental flights.

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