Comedian accuses Simi of biting the fingers that fed her.

Nigerian comedian, MC Morris has accused award winning Nigerian musician, Simi of biting the fingers that fed her in the past.
He made this revelation in a bid to forgive and forget Simi for how she chose to repay him for his good deeds.

He narrated that about ten years ago, he used to take Simi to shows with him, as she tried to get on the spotlight. He used to do all these on his account and didn’t ask Simi to pay anything.

He recounted the time when Simi caused him to pay five hundred thousand naira as fine at Pat Akpabio event, Uyo in 2011.
He didn’t fail to mention the shows they went to at Ghana too. In his words, they went for uncountable shows with him acting as a comedian and her singing.
He stated that instead of making a longer table, she built a larger fence.

He made mention of a time in 2016 when her manager asked him to pay over a million naira to have her on his show, and all she could say was that no one could bypass her management.
He added that Simi doesn’t even follow him back on Instagram.

He concluded by giving a piece of advice. He advised that she use peace in following everyone. He also added that anyone with a filled belly now would still become hungry in the future.

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