Chimamanda Adichie replies Catholic priest for making ill comments about her.

The award winning Nigerian writer, Chimamanda Ngozi-Adichie has replied a Catholic priest who verbally attacked her over her comments about the Catholic Church in the past. This was during her mother’s funeral mass.

She stated that she considers his comments as verbal attack, because if he only wanted to admonish or advise her, he would’ve called her and spoken to her personally, not saying it to the hearing of the whole world.

She also made it worthy of note that she was born a Catholic and is still a Catholic, so there is no way she would be talk ill of the church for no reason.

She also pointed out the fact that the parish priest accused her of not going to church in Nigeria because it is all about money. She stated clearly that she cherishes her hometown Abba, and also loves to come to church there. She also noted that her love for Abba makes her write about it so much in her books. One problem she has if the fact that people are forced to give out money.
She recounts situations where the church doors were locked because they wanted people to make donations to their fundraiser.

She concluded her speech by saying that whosever wants to give should give willingly, and not under duress.

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