Boycott Igbo goods up North – Coalition of Northern Groups tells Northerners

The Coalition of Northern Groups, CNG has called for a total boycott of all businesses operated by Igbos all over the North in reaction to the directive given by the Proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB’s ban on the consumption of ‘Fulani cows’ (beef) in South-East.

Recall that on January 3, IPOB in a statement released, banned the slaughtering and eating of cows from Fulani herders during occasions in the South-East region. The secessionist group also announced the ban on singing of Nigerian national anthem in schools in the East. The group said these are some of its seven action plans to implement in 2022.

In its reaction, CNG through its Spokesperson, Abdul-Azeez Suleiman, said that IPOB’s order issue in a statement on Monday by its spokesperson Emma Powerful, amounted to ”a grave provocation and serious threat to northern commercial interests in the South East and by extension, to the physical wellbeing of Northerners living as minorities among Igbo communities.”

The CNG also called on northerners everywhere to decline support for any political party or formation or movement that has the active participation of South-East politicians.

“For the avoidance of doubt, the North while maintaining its tradition of tolerance and accommodation, shall however no longer be disposed to condoning further acts of irresponsibility in the form of deliberate threats of intimidation or harassment targeted at Northerners living and doing legitimate businesses elsewhere in the country.
“Since such targeted utterances have in the past been preludes to physical attacks on northerners and destruction of their properties in particularly the South East, we urge northern transporters and suppliers of goods to consider alternative trade routes to avoid the imminent risks that come with this IPOB threat.

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“We warm that the North has had enough of the antagonism from the South East and its attack dog, the IPOB and will no longer remain passive under such deliberate and sustained attacks and will henceforth be forced to react to every provocation and unwarranted abuse and violations.
“All those who have no other useful vocation other than attacking northerners under the slightest of pretexts should know that our patience has reached its nadir.

“The North’s reticence in speaking out or taking action is not born of fear or ignorance of how to respond in kind,” Suleiman said.

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