Bobrisky Rewards Woman for Tattooing her Face on her Back.

A certain woman named Anuba Gift has declared her unending loyalty to the transgender woman, Bobrisky by tattooing her face on her back.
She made this known to the general public in her Instagram post where she put up a picture of the tattoo on her back with the caption “On this day I honoured my queen💖💖💃the pains gave me joy…i will forever remain your no1 fan🔥@bobrisky222”

This Instagram post has gotten so much attention that Bobrisky saw the tag and replied.
He was overwhelmed by the kind gesture and decided to reward her in ways she would’ve never expected. He had promised to make her happy for showing she truly loves her.
She promised her the following:
A follow her back on Instagram
A cash sum of one million naira
A date at Dubai, and
Any brand new phone of her choice.

Fans are amazed as to how Bobrisky chose to reward loyal fan.
They have commended the transgender woman for being highly appreciative, as other people who got tattoos of celebrities of them only got thanks and a short-lived popularity.

Bobrisky must feel like a proud teacher now, as she spent the whole of January lecturing women on how to be “bad girls” this year and not end it being broke like the previous year.
She looks forward to getting more attentive students who would do anything to show how appreciative they are to her for her advice.

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