Bobrisky replies to trolls as regards James Brown’s relocation to the UK.

Recently, crossdresser James Brown has revealed that his purpose of relocating to the United Kingdom is to further his education in a university there, contrary to what fans thought of him. This has attracted so much praises from well wishers and also trolls towards Bobrisky.

Transgender woman, Bobrisky is not having any of the trolls and is replying everyone who comes at him. When asked about when he would return to school, he stated that he graduated from the University of Lagos in the 2015/2016 session, and he’s pretty sure that when this happened, his troll was in primary school. He added that he doesn’t need to return to school because he is already rich.

He went further to go live on Instagram to ask questions about James Brown’s claims of schooling abroad. He asked that which good school in the United Kingdom is on session during the winter season. People took to his comments section to educate him about how it’s impossible for schools in the UK to shut down simply because it is winter.

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