Bloodshed in Oyo state.

Residents of Oyo state have come forward with reports of incessant bloodshed in the state.

Just a few weeks after Fulani herdsmen were sacked from some parts of the state, news has come to Nigerians that there has been a case of serial killings in the state.

Hausa men in the state have reportedly broke into fights with the Yoruba indigenes and have killed many and injured others.

People come out on social media to narrate their ordeal with the Hausa men. They reveal that these men are very brutal and move in large numbers to avoid being mobbed for their evil deeds.

A young baker narrates her family’s ordeal with these men, where they went the Hausa man’s house to interrogate him for extorting a 16-year old girl living with them. They found out that he was her boyfriend.
The interrogation led to a pandemonium that got the people on the street out to seel what the problem was.
At the end, a lot of properties were destroyed and some people were injured.

Northerners on the other hand have been trending #StopKillingNortherners whereas the Hausa men are the ones who have been going about killing innocent people who try to stop them from doing wrong.

The people of Oyo state have called upon the government to see to it that the killings are stopped and the state is secured from these brutal men.
They also create awareness for the general public to know what is really happening in the state.

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