Blackout in Texas.

Residents of Texas suffer power shortage amidst winter.
It is snowing hard on Texas and cars and buildings are covered up in snow. The temperature in the atmosphere is very low and everyone has to stay indoors.

Recently, there’s been power outage for days which is really alien to the residents of Texas. They have called upon the senators to do something as regards the really terrible situation. People are freezing cold and they need power to make use of their water heaters, amongst other things.

Also, they have complained about food and water shortage. It’s winter and it’s too cold outside, so most homes are short of food, and since there’s been a blackout, water is unavailable for them.

Due to the very low atmospheric temperature, people have been seen using polythene bags in their toilets as the water in the toilet bowls are frozen, and there’s no water in their houses to flush it. Texans are living a survival of the fittest lifestyle at the moment and we’re sure they can’t wait to come out of it soon.

They call out their senators and challenge them to be useful, as this is the time they’re needed the most.

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