Bill to Scrap NYSC Passes First Reading.

The Nigerian Senate has been contemplating signing a bill into law that scraps the compulsory National Youth Service Corps which fresh graduates in Nigeria are obliged to go for immediately after graduation.

NYSC which serves as first working experience to most fresh graduates and now offers a stipend of NGN33,000, has also been a means through which young Nigerians lost their lives, as insecurity in the country surges. Fear is also imminent because it is a tradition of this body to post graduates to states which are opposite of their heritage in the country. Nigerians have been worried over the recent reports of insecurity in the North, and how dangerous it is for graduates to be sent there to serve their country.

The Senate is now looking into scraping the body, and this bill has passed first reading.

Some Nigerians are happy and hoping that this bill is passed into law, while others are concerned about life for fresh graduates.
A popular lecturer and CV writer, Ogbeni Dipo, on Twitter, has stated that NYSC shouldn’t be scraped, as it serves as first working experience to fresh graduates.
He also suggested that in place of scraping the body, a form of internship should be created for graduates after graduation or in their penultimate year.
He also added that the One Nigeria objective should be scraped, and people should be posted to safe states.

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