BBNaija: “Your biggest achievement is Big brother, fuvk you” – Angel and Boma fight dirty after he accused her of calling him a ‘kiss and tell’:

The fight started after Boma said he heard Angel calling him a ‘kiss and tell’ after telling other housemates she kissed him.

This happened while Boma was playing a game of snooker with Cross and Yousef. Although Angel denied reffering to Boma as a ”Kiss and Tell,” Boma called her a liar stating that he can’t remember telling anyone that he kissed her.

As Angel and Boma were still arguing, Boma then started cussing at her using words like ‘bich, bastard, ‘fuvk you’ and’ mental patient.’

Boma then took it up a notch and stated that Angel hasn’t achieved anything good in her life and that her only achievement is being in the Big Brother house. He added that she’s a child and if it wasn’t for BBN, their paths wouldn’t have crossed.

This upset Angel, who started shouting and cussing back at Boma telling him that his curses on her will not work while reminding him that she’s only ’21’ while he is in his 30s yet they are on the same show.

The housemates had to come to separate them as the drama reached boiling point.

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