Armed Amotekun men arrest school boys for behaving like Naira Marley.

In a video making rounds on the internet, Amotekun men are seen arresting young school boys for behaving like Naira Marley. They are harassed by these men instead of being corrected by their teachers, because they thought it wise to refer to themselves as Naira Marley.
The young boys are packed together in the back of a Hillux and they cry for mercy as the Amotekun men scare them with guns. Their teachers perch around watching the harassment go on.
Some Nigerians think they did the right thing by arresting them because it would serve as a warning to them in the future, and also deter them from picking up the character of Naira Marley.

The popular Nigerian hip hop artist has taken to Twitter to express his displeasure, but his choice of words turned things upside down.
He described degree holders as people who have nothing but good English to show.
This behavior of his is one thing Nigerians kick against and do not want for children to mimic.

Naira Marley is known for broke shaming people at the slightest opportunity. Recall when he asked people who had insulted him over calling covid-19 a conspiracy by the government, to send proof of them insulting him for money. Some shameless people sent, and he insulted them for being broke and loudmouthed.

Nigerians haven’t failed to call out Naira Marley’s bad conduct. They indeed condemn him for always making mockery of hardworking Nigerians.

Watch video here

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