Another Woman Falls Victim to Liposuction Quack.

Another woman has fallen victim of liposuction quack, Dr. Anu.

Dr. Anu has been on the news several times for butchering women’s bodies whenever they come for liposuction and belly reducing surgeries.
Everytime news of her victims comes on social media, there is an uproar and there are usually people blaming the government and the women who fall victim.

In the past, people in Lagos have created so much awareness about her illegal medical practices, and have gotten her arrested by the police. On several occasions, her license has been said to be withdrawn, but she always comes back butchering women’s bodies instead of giving them the perfect body shape they came to her for.
The last time someone in Lagos complained, she was arrested, but according to hearsay, she got released with the influence of her mother.

The latest news of her messing up a woman’s body is said to have happened in Abuja. Pictures of the woman’s body have surfaced online, where her buttocks are filled with pus.

Nigerians wonder what the Nigerian government is doing about this issue of a quack doctor who is putting the lives of women at stake.

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