Anonymous woman confesses how she dealt with her husband’s side chicks.

An Igbo woman who pleaded anonymity has narrated to the world about how she dealt with her husband’s side chicks. She made this confession on Nigeria Info FM. Her story has left people clapping their hands for how intelligent she was in taking care of the issue.

This woman narrated about how she knew her husband was cheating on her, and about how she had always warned him about it. Her husband was prone to high blood pressure, so she always warned him with the saying “you would find what you’re looking for, and I would remind you”.
The couple have their two children schooling in Canada, so they live together with their domestic workers.

She stated that on a certain day, he had partial stroke which left him helpless, so she had to be in control of his phone. While in the hospital, he gave her the password to this phone.
Back at home, this woman went through his messages and his mails. Finding out the truth, she printed every of the four side chicks’ information and placed them in separate files.
She also discovered about the huge amount of money he had been sending to them in the past.

When the man returned home from the hospital, he had to be carried about like a baby, with diapers.
So, she sent the domestic workers on a two-week break, and she sent mails to the side chicks informing them that her husband was home and she has travelled.
The side chicks came into her house, unknowing to them that she was around, and she made them clean her husband up and do domestic chores throughout the day.
All her husband could do during this period was cry, because what he did secretly came out to the open.
Throughout this period, there was a hidden camera recording these events.

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At the end, her husband pleaded with her for forgiveness. He also increased her allowances and bought her a new car.
When he became well again, he confessed to her that the side chicks had already blocked him on all platforms.

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