Angry men take out jungle justice on young female thief.

In a video making rounds on the internet, a young lady reportedly stole an iPhone 12 and was being beaten mercilessly.

In this video, four men, including a man wearing a military uniform, were beating up the lady for theft.

She begged the men while they beat her up and strip her naked, exposing her private parts in the open.

Nigerians have frowned at this particular act, as they have fought tirelessly against police brutality. They liken jungle justice to police brutality.
They fault her for stealing the phone, but condemn the men for carrying out jungle justice. “They have retrieved the phone, they could’ve just handed her over to the police”, people commented.

Others also condemn her for lack of contentment, because if she was indeed content with what she had, she wouldn’t have gone out to steal an iPhone 12.

Some stone-hearted people think she deserved the cruel treatment because according to them, stealing an iPhone 12 is equivalent to taking a gun to rob a bank.

Watch the video here and read some of the reactions from concerned Nigerians.

Jungle justice is a thing that has existed for as long as it has in Nigeria. People have been burnt alive for stealing as little as pepper at markets. Today, Nigerians speak up against jungle justice and advice that the law should be allowed to take its due course.


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