Amputee hawker acquires a house and begins construction of pure water factory.

Amputee sachet water seller, Mary Daniel, who went viral some months ago, and whose popularity on the internet called on the attention of kind Nigerians, has acquired a house worth 17.5 million naira.
In addition, she is also in the process of constructing her pure water industry as a way of establishing herself and never returning to the roadside.

Mary was just like every other poor Nigerian who took to the roads to sell wares to make ends meet, but luck shone on her part when a concerned Nigerian took a photo of her while she was on the road at Oshodi, selling sachet water, and posted it on Twitter.
This picture drew a lot of sympathy from people which resulted in her getting donations from several people which summed up to 25 million naira.
During this period of her popularity, she was interviewed by Punch newspaper and she told her life story which even drew more sympathy. She revealed in this interview that she was stolen from by her husband and abandoned with a child who stays with her grandmother presently.

Right now, Mary has a house to her name at Igando, Lagos, and is constructing a pure water factory.

Congratulations Mary.

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