OPay is a payment platform developed and owned by Opera Software, the group behind the popular Opera browser. The full name of OPay is Opera Payment. The OPay payment platform allows users to make payments electronically without stress. There is a mobile app available on both Android and iOS mobile platforms. The target is for OPay to be the most used payment platform in Nigeria and to boost usage of the OPay platform, a number of services that accept only OPay as the sole means of payment have been launched by the owners of OPay. These services include ORide, OCar, OTrike, OBus, Okash, OWealth, OMall, OList and OLeads. The plan is to lure people to use these OPay linked services and eventually users will adopt the platform as their preferred choice for online payments.

When was OPay Launched

OPay was launched only recently, precisely in the year 2018. The company came into being when Opera Software, the company behind the OPay initiative acquired Paycom. Since it launched in Lagos in 2018, OPay has grown tremendously and is now fully active in several of the major Nigerian cities with expansion plans in place to move into more cities. Currently, full services of the OPay platform are enjoyed in cities like Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan, Aba, Enugu, Kano and so on. The platform is being positioned to be the largest payment processing platform in Nigeria and it is well on the path to becoming that.

How To Download The OPay App

The OPay mobile app is currently available on both Andriod and iOS platforms. If you own either an Android or an iOS mobile device, you can easily download the app from your respective store. Android users should visit the google playstore to download the app while iPhone users should go to Apple store to do the same. When you get to the store, simply search for OPay and the app will be made available for you to download to your device.

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Registering On The App

After successfully downloading the app, you will be required to sign up to enjoy the services available on the app if you are a new user. The registration process is easy and fast as you will be required to supply a few personal details including your name and phone number. Once your registration is complete, you will log in and then begin to enjoy the app. Existing users do not have to register again, simply login.

What You Can Do On The OPay App

The OPay app allows you to conveniently process payments electronically. This means you can easily pay for services such as Tv subscription, electricity, airtime and data, fund your online betting account, etc. You can transfer funds from your OPay account to other OPay users or to bank accounts. Also, you can receive payment into your OPay account as well. Apart from these, you get to enjoy exclusive services linked to the OPay app such as OCar, ORide, OList, OKash and so on. These services exclusive to the OPay platform are discussed below.

Ride-Hailing Services (ORide, OCar, OBus, OTrike): You can easily get a ride by using any of the four ride-hailing options available on the platform. These are ORide, OBus, OTrike, OCar. ORide allows you to hail a motorcycle, OBus allows you to hail a Bus, OTrike allows you to hail a Tricycle, while OCar allows you to hail a Car. These services make it easy for you to commute from one place to another within your city.

OFood: If you are hungry and need to have food delivered to you urgently, then OFood is the right service for you. You can easily order for and have food delivered to you at home or at your workplace using the OFood platform on the OPay app. You can even earn some money by working as a food delivery agent for OFood. You will have to sign up for this by visiting and clicking on OFood in the “services” menu.


OKash: This service allows you to borrow short term loans. The loans come with a little interest.

OWealth: Another exclusive service on the OPay app is OWealth which allows you to save and invest money while earning a 10% interest per annum on your money.

OMall: The mall section of the app allows you to shop for items such as shoes, watches, shirts, electronics etc.

OList: This is a classified ads section on the OPay platform that allows you to post ads about your business, services, and products that you have for sale.

OLeads: With OLeads, you can easily build a website for business thereby enhancing the online presence of your business.

How To Fund Your OPay Wallet

Funding your OPay wallet is very easy. You can do this using your MasterCard, Visa Card or Verve Card. You can also fund your OPay wallet by making a transfer from your bank account directly using your bank’s mobile app or internet banking. To fund your OPay account from your bank’s app, your registered phone number on the OPay platform will serve as the account number but you will remove the first 0 in the phone number. This is what I mean, if your OPay phone number is 08031234567, you will input 8031234567 as the account number in your bank’s app if you want to fund your OPay wallet. You will then select Paycom as the bank to which your OPay account number is linked. A third option to fund your OPay wallet is to give cash to any OPay agent around you who will then make a transfer of that sum to your OPay wallet.

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How To Withdraw From Your OPay Wallet

Not only can you put money in your OPay wallet, but you can also withdraw from it. You can withdraw money from your OPay wallet into your bank account or you can withdraw cash by going to an OPay agent near you. The OPay agent will give you their OPay number and you will send the money you want to withdraw to the number. Once this is done, the OPay agent will hand you your cash but note that this withdrawal method attracts a fee ranging from N50 to N1500 depending on the amount withdrawn.

How To Become An OPay Agent

Becoming an OPay agent is quite easy but you have to apply first. To apply, send a message to +2349066722924 on WhatsApp. Alternatively, you can send a mail to stating your intention. You will be furnished with details on how to become an OPay agent after that. Note that the following documentation will be required Passport sized photo, Proof of Residence, BVN, and an ID Card.

If you are already registered as a user on the OPay app, you can become an agent by upgrading your Know Your Customer (KYC) to level 2. You will be required to supply your BVN, Gender, Date of Birth, and State of Residence. Once your KYC level has been upgraded, you can then become an OPay agent.

You will need an office space where customers will meet you, and a smartphone to operate as an OPay agent.


This article has shed light on all you need to know about OPay. The electronic payment platform is doing a good job in ensuring that Nigerians can pay for goods and services electronically without stress. If you are eager to enjoy the mouthwatering services offered by OPay, download the app today.

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