Ajibola Elizabeth Omotayo Igbagbo is a star in Nigeria’s rapidly growing adult movie industry. She is an adult film creator known in the industry as maami igbagbo. The 24-year-old lady hails from Ekiti State. She was born on the 9th of April, 1995.  She had her primary and secondary education in Ikorodu, Lagos.

In 2016 at the age of 20, she gained admission into the university. Her goal most likely was to complete her study, graduate and get a regular job. Unexpectedly, her mother died soon after she entered the university and this marked a major turning point in Ajibola Elizabeth’s life.

Her mother was the family’s breadwinner before her death, taking care of her and her siblings. Their parents had separated so her mum had been responsible for her and her sibling’s upbringing. Following the death of her mother, things became tough for her that she had to drop out of school. Although her father remains very much alive, he never cared about the welfare of Ajibola and her siblings. Also, her mother’s siblings had shared the properties left behind by her mother leaving Ajibola and her siblings with nothing.

Naturally, as the eldest of 5 siblings, it became her responsibility to care for her younger ones. She became an auxiliary nurse so she can earn some money to cater to the needs of her siblings. However, the job paid little and the pay was nowhere enough to cater to her needs and those of her siblings.

After enduring the nursing job for a while, she eventually left and ventured into adult film making. This was after she had met a guy named Kingtblakhoc. It was under the guidance of Kingtblakhoc that she learned the ropes of adult film making. Her adult film career began in 2018.

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After making adult films together with Kingtblakhoc for some time, the duo fell out and parted ways. It is believed that the two were in a romantic relationship while they were together. Following the collapse of that relationship, Ajibola Elizabeth started making her own adult films. She is currently ranked as the number porn actress in Nigeria.

It is said that she releases new adult content for her fans on several adult platforms. You can find her on Xvideos, Only fans, and so on.

Ajibola Elizabeth Xvideos

You can find her adult content on adult website xvideos.com. Click here to visit Ajibola Elizabeth’s channel on the website. She is currently ranked number in Nigeria on the website. She currently has almost 78 thousand subscribers on the channel with 43.1 million views.

Maami Igbagbo Only Fans Page

Here is a link to her only fans page where you can subscribe $12.30 per month to view her posts. Alternatively, you can visit onlyfans.com and search for @elizaaaaa to find her page.

Her adult film career has no doubt paid off as she lives in a luxury apartment in Lekki Lagos. She allegedly bought a BMW car in August 2020. She regularly flaunts her lifestyle on social media posting pictures of her posing with money and luxury items. For those interested in Ajibola Elizabeth Instagram handle, you can find maami igbagbo on Instagram @maamii.igbagbo.

Recently, maami igbagbo was called out by her former partner Kingtblakhoc as being responsible for his recent troubles. He claims maami igbagbo connived with some cult boys in her area to steal his $16,000. He said all his efforts to recover his stolen money have proven abortive. The situation he says has led to him becoming depressed as he felt betrayed by a woman he loved. The money according to him was to be used to set up a production studio and to commence work on his building project.


Maami Igbagbo and Kingtblakhoc

The two can be said to be the biggest names in the blue film industry in Nigeria currently. Kingtblakhoc taught Maami Igbagbo how to succeed in the industry. The duo is believed to have dated at some point as they made several adult videos together which can still be found online. The two have broken up and no longer work together.


Kingtblakhoc’s real name is Tobiloba Isaac Jolaoso. He is believed to be the pioneer of adult movies in Nigeria in recent times. Kingtblakhoc became popular for his adult content despite strong reservations about such content in the country.

Tobiloba Jolaoso was born on the 12th of May 1993. He hails from Osun state and is the first child of his parents. Tobiloba attended Providence Nursery and Primary school in Ikirun. He then proceeded to Akinorun Grammar school also in Ikirun for his secondary education. After completing his secondary education, he left Nigeria for Malaysia to further his education.

After spending 3 years in Malaysia, he returned to Nigeria in 2014. After returning to Nigeria, he became romantically linked to a lady and the affair produced a female child. He has since broken up with the mother of his child.

Kingtblakhoc is known as an adult movie actor, producer, and director. He did start on a different path entirely when he returned to Nigeria. He first tried his hands on music with his friend, music producer Samklef. He, however, felt the music industry in Nigeria was already saturated so he left to try his hands on something different. This was how he became the pioneer of adult film production in Nigeria.


He started creating awareness for his adult content by posting racy videos of him with nude and semi-nude women on Instagram. After gaining a good number of followers on social media, he created a website now called Hochub where he sells videos of acts with ladies.

Kingtblakhoc Xvideos

You can find sex videos of Kingtblakhoc on Xvidoes.com. Click here to go to his channel on the website. It is currently ranked number 4 in Nigeria on the website and has almost 58 thousand subscribers with 119 million views.

Conclusion (Ajibola Elizabeth aka Maami Igbagbo)

Now you know about Nigeria’s number 1 porn star and her ex-bf, the pioneer of adult content production in Nigeria.

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