Airtel Nigeria currently offers a promotion that allows subscribers on the network to enjoy twice the value of their data subscription. This means subscribers can get to enjoy more data for less. This offering is mouthwatering but unfortunately, not all subscribers are eligible to partake in this offer. In this post, you will learn how to find out your eligibility status for this offer, and also the Airtel double data code.

Eligibility For Airtel Double Data

The eligibility criteria for this promo are not publicized so only Airtel can determine which SIM cards qualify. The promo is, however, open to all newly registered SIMs on the Airtel network. So if you are an existing subscriber, you may need to buy and register a new Airtel SIM if you want to partake in the offer. Also, if you insert your Airtel SIM into a new smartphone, you may become eligible for the promo. A message will be sent to you to notify you. Sometimes you may need to activate the Airtel double data offer on your SIM. To do this, simply send “GET” to 131. You will receive a confirmation message that the offer has been activated on your line for the next 3 to 6 months.

There are two ways of verifying eligibility for Airtel double data. The first is to check your airtime balance using *123#. If the message you get contains both your current airtime balance and information on the Double Data offer, then you are eligible. Another way you can check is to dial *144# on your Airtel line. If you get a pop-up message listing available double data offers, then you are eligible.


Airtel Double Data Code

The Airtel double data code is *144#. Dial this code to enjoy the Airtel double data offer if you are eligible. The Airtel double data offers are;

N50 for 50MB (25MB + 25MB bonus data) (valid for 1 day)

N100 for 150MB (75MB data + 75MB bonus data) (valid for 1 day)

N200 for 400MB (200MB data + 200MB bonus data) (valid for 3 days)

N300 for 700MB (350MB data + 350MB bonus data) (valid for 7 days)

N500 for 1.5GB (750MB data + 750MB bonus data) (valid for 14 days)

N1000 for 3GB (1.5GB data + 1.5GB bonus data) (valid for 30 days)

N1500 for 6GB (3GB data + 3GB bonus data) (valid for 30 days)

N2000 for 9GB (4.5GB data + 4.5GB bonus data) (valid for 30 days)

N2500 for 12GB (6GB data + 6GB bonus data) (valid for 30 days)

N3000 for 16GB (8GB data + 8GB bonus data) (valid for 30 days)

N4000 for 22GB (11GB data + 11GB bonus data) (valid for 30 days)

After dialing the Airtel double data code, the double data offers available to you will be listed and you can select any one that fits your budget.

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