Actress Reveals That She’s Desperately Waiting For Menopause.

The talented nollywood actress, Yvonne Jegede, has revealed in a tweet that she is looking forward to reaching menopause.
This is because of the painful menstrual cramps she faces every month whenever she has her monthly flow.

She debunks the myth that menstrual cramps stop once one bears a child.
Since Nigeria is a place filled with so many myths; both believable and unbelievable, she has debunked this one as the pains tear her apart. In her words, her whole body feel sore.

Fans sympathize with her and pray that she be strong for herself and for her child. Some have proffered solutions that worked for them, while others could only say relentless sorries.

She must’ve been in so much pains to ever think of waiting for menopause to come. She stated that the pains were getting unbearable for her to handle.

The dark skinned curvy actress has starred in over ten thousand movies in Nigeria and Africa.

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