Abba Kyari explains connection with Hushpuppi

The US authorities have declared a police officer, Abba Kyari, wanted for his affiliations with popular money launderer, Hushpuppi.

Investigations into Hushpuppi’s source of wealth has been ongoing for months since he was detained.

The US attorneys have released a statement listing deputy commissioner of police, Abba Kyari as one of the six people who are accomplices to Hushpuppi.

Abba Kyari, however, has taken to the internet to “clear” his name by stating the relationship he had with Hushpuppi.

He stated that he only got in contact with Hushpuppi when he came to his station to lay complaint about his family members being in danger, and requesting for security for them.

He also added that along the line, he realized that the person who put their lives in danger was indeed in friend. Therefore, there was a mediation between the two parties.

He stated that the second occasion where he has relation with Hushpuppi, the latter saw some of his pictures on social media and declared that he liked the designs of his native dresses. So he had to connect Hushpuppi with his fashion designer to make similar clothes for him.

He noted that throughout these transactions, Hushpuppi never gave him money.

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