So it’s a New Year and most men and women want to try out new looks for the New Year. But let’s be honest with ourselves these hairstyles aren’t all that new, they’ve been existing for quite a while and a few people reading this just didn’t know they existed.

Well follow me as I enlighten you on a few hairstyles you didn’t know about, a few you knew and probably forgot them and the one you know about or the one you’re probably rocking as your reading this post.

Well in the spirit of equality I will 20 hairstyles for the women and 20 for the men. Strap your seat belt, relax and enjoy the ride. Remember, picture each of them on you before deciding and visiting your favorite stylist. Here we go…



Ghana WEAVEN are stylish, well detailed and fierce look when it’s done by an experienced stylist. In Ghana WEAVEN, there is an addition of hair into a single cornrow. No matter how you style it, it always looks attractive and fierce. Ghana WEAVEN have different names attached to them. For example, a few call it Cherokee cornrow, banana cornrow, Invisible cornrow, Ghana cornrow and finally, even pencil WEAVEN. Whatever name you call it, they can be done in various patterns and combinations.


Each strand of this hair type grows in a tiny, angle-like helix shape. The overall effect is such that, compared to straight, wavy or curly hair, afro-textured hair appears denser. Afro-textured hair helps retain the groove of hair and keeps things natural.


Here the braids aren’t just long, they can be made into bangs as well. This hairstyle with braids is perfect with people who have short hair as they wouldn’t need to cut their hair to meet the desired length of the bangs (which is mostly short).


Ninja bun(s) is (are) an edgy take on the lazy bun. To create ninja braided bun, section your hair in two parts or you could leave it single bun. Braid one part from the crown of your head till about midway, then braid the same section from the nape of your neck upwards until the middle section but if it’s a single bun you’d just braid the middle. Use an elastic to secure the ends of both braids into one, then create a knot for the bun. Repeat the same thing if it’s a double bun on the second section and you’re good to go.


This is one of my favorites. Fits the chocolate/dark skin beauties more. Well on how to go about making this hair, you’d first Part your hair down the middle of your entire head until your hair is now in two sections. Start at the crown of your head and grab a small chunk of hair all the way down your head. Then you secure your pigtail with a hair binder. Repeat these step for the second section of the hair.


This hairstyle was one of the most popular a few years ago. Gofre,refers to fast weaving hairstyles. To weave it, you should have a short haircut – the length shouldn’t exceed 25 cm. If the natural hair is longer than the required length,the hairstyle will lose its scope and effectiveness. To create this hairstyle use corrugated kanekalon, this material can be of the different size of the curl. Corrugated kanekalon is fixed to the natural hair using the ordinary braids. The desired length of it is 5-6 cm.


This hairstyle has an odd kind of braiding, as a braid is composed not of three strands, but only of two. Two strands, each of which is twisted in one direction, are intertwined in the opposite end and fixed. The result is a kind of wisp.


Thai braided pigtails need only natural hair, fixed at the end with the colored bands. This hairstyle is perfect for the owners of long, thick hair. The braids are made not to be very thin, so it wouldn’t be difficult to untwist them. This hairstyle should not be too long.


This type of braiding comes close to the scalp. The braids can be made in any direction in the form of a variety of patterns. This hairstyle is woven from the natural hair, the length of which should be 10 cm, and with the addition of any braids. French braids are both made for women and men. It is convenient for sports and dancing. Braids made of natural hair are worn about 1.5 weeks.



Bob is one of the best choices for girls with short hair. It looks good in any color and you can always make any braids you want. How awesome is that?


Short Shaggy hair looks glamorous and it’s very easy to style, especially if you are very busy and often do not have enough time for getting ready in the morning. This look may become an inspiration for you. Short shaggy hairstyle suits well for the ladies with an oval face.


Growing out your bob, especially a piece-y uneven one, is infinitely much easier if you’re taking these loose ends and curling them up making this triangular effect.


Ladies have options of Brazilian wool, rubber or crochet locs to make a faux locs. Faux locs, Like braids and Ghana weaving, can be worn for a long period of time and are equally easy to care for.


This look is a simple yet chic style where you combine black with any other different colored braids to achieve the variation in the bung. This is however dependent on what you want. It could be in purple or red or any other color you desire. This is an amazing way of including color into your twists without necessary having to use highlights


This is the easiest Afro twist style you could ever come across. Once your long twist kinky braids are in place, all you have to do is to follow the simple procedure of rolling, tucking and pining. Choose whatever shape you want your result to be like. This makes a favorite for most ladies. It could also work great for the late nights especially if you are not too keen on a fancy style.

Generally, this style helps you hold up your hair after a short period of letting it breathe. It will help prevent the constant falling out of the braids from continual pulling while styling. What’s more, it will last as long as two weeks unhampered if you are careful.


This letdown style on the afro braid is unique and one of a kind. First, the afro braid is twisted and braided together. Alternatively, you can choose to rod set. These will give it the crinkled outcome that you want when you let your hair down.


Frontals with deep midline parts continue to rule anywhere in the world as a standard go-to style, and for Nigerian ladies, it is no different.


360 frontals are giving wignistas and extension enthusiast the opportunity to rock a classy top knot or a high and tight ponytail. This look is not only fashionable but an excellent way to give you a break from the heat and adds a touch of glam. Top knots are excellent for any occasion.


Long, sleek bob wigs with wispy bangs as seen here transcended the market in 2019 and will continue in 2020. Bangs are bold with a mysterious edge and give LOBs like this one an additional dimension of style that is appropriate in any setting.


Be it braided or wrapped into a yarn to resemble faux locs, this is one of the most loved Nigerian hairstyles. The stylists make use of Brazillian wool or Kneading wool which often comes in different colours. Because of its light weight and affordable price range, women who can’t keep up with the faux locs trend opt for it. It takes about 3 hours to style and can last for more than a month. Asides making them into locs it can be made into yarn twists or braids.




It’s the easiest way out, sure, but it can look amazing and fresh on the right head. Not just the killer solution for a receding hairline, a clean shave might just look amazing on your head. The look sends a bold message of confidence in your style. Keep in mind, if your hair is particularly coarse, you may be prone to razor bumps. Ideally, you should shave with wet hair, moisturizing shaving oil, and decent shaving cream to avoid the bumps. And remember always to shave with the grain.


Another easy option for those who don’t want to worry about dealing with difficult hair. The buzz cut is the short, military-inspired hairstyle that is low-maintenance but high impact. As with any super-short haircut, the look will draw attention to your brow and make your face look more defined.


Simple, short all over. Longer than the buzz cut, this standard short style still acknowledges your hair’s curly nature without it becoming something you need to deal with day-to-day. To truly make this style yours, regular trims are imperative to keep from having your hair appear untamed.


Clean, fresh and neat. This haircut keeps the hair’s length in check before it can take on a life of its own. It takes its cues from the fade haircuts that are on-trend right now. For extra striking results, combine the fade with facial hair, the disconnected length makes for an attractive and eye-catching aesthetic


We can’t decide whether we love this haircut, or if it’s completely garish. One thing is for certain; it is a style that could only be achieved with the benefit of thick hair. The style makes your hair a feature in its right. If you decide waves are for you, it’s best to see a barber beforehand. He or she will get your hair looking right before you start the wave process. The look will take a while to appear, and you will need a few products to get it going, most importantly a wave brush. Speak to your barber for more advice on how to achieve this unique haircut.


Once reserved for millennials, this classic style is an incredibly flattering style for mature men. For a professional look, opt to keep the hair on top short or medium in length while for a trendy hipster look you can style long hair into a Mohawk or man bun. Either way, this cut will emphasize your masculine features.


Men who love to experiment with different haircuts should try this style. It is classy and helps to bring out your facial features. Besides, it creates a shift in hair lengths which is perfect for those who want a dramatic haircut.


This afro cut is popular among black men as it features short sides and full top hair. The style is ideal for guys with round faces as the long top hair creates an illusion of a longer and slimmer face.


Do you have long curly hair and want a high fade black hairstyle that is modern yet simple to achieve? Then go for this curly design. Men with curly hair are not limited to just one style. Buzzing the sides and allowing your natural curls to hang freely is one of the best ways to use hair to make a statement


While a Mohawk is famous for its dramatic centre strip and shaved sides, a faux hawk is less dramatic. For added volume, you can blow dry your hair and apply hair products or hairspray to get the desired hold. What makes this haircut perfect for men of all ages is that you can opt for a short faux hawk which is more conservative or a long faux hawk which is ideal when you have a lot of long hair to work with.



Men’s high fade is more popular than ever thanks to its ability to add dimension to one’s style and personality. When you combine the shaved sides with a black man-bun, you are exuding a cool and casual vibe that many millennials can relate to. The trick to making the man bun stand out is to combine it with high skin fade haircuts or to add a bright dye. Including a high fade undercut is also another great way to make your man bun to pop.


This is another combination of style that brings relevance to the look. Maintain some length on the top and style twists in the way outlined above. On the sides, opt for a length that tapers down. The style draws attention to what’s happening upstairs. This haircut works particularly well if the hair on top is a little longer and unruly


The hairstyle is best suited if you have fine and straight hair. However, you can also take this cut even if you have tight curls. By taking this cut you will be able to exercise tremendous control on the shape your hair takes. Rather than going for the regular box cut you can go in for a quaff as well.


The boxed fade style has been in the most trendy styles since the 1970’s. It showcases the perfect amount of nostalgia. The look is combined with sides tapered with a short length and a sharp rectangular top. If you want the standard look go for short tapered sides and a tight top.


Since both African men and women have strong hair, many are seen supporting the African braids style. The braiding helps in keeping your hair strong and also doesn’t need you to worry about styling it for month’s altogether. African braiding has many variations and you can go in for any that you like, there is hardly any scope of going wrong there.


Tight coils is another medium length hairstyle and is the one that will make you spend the most time in a salon. Tight coils will be better suited to those men who have kinky curly hair, therefore, if you do not have very curly hair, this style may not be for you. The tight coils helps give the curly hair shape with ringlets forming in the hair.


Dreadlocks are very often sported by people of African descent. Dreadlocks are a go to if you have very dry hair and easily get knotted. Dreadlocks can be sported in short, medium as well as long hair but once you go in for the dreadlocks it will be quite impossible for your hair to come back to their natural state, thus meaning, if you want to change your hairstyle after this, you might either have to chop of that portion of your hair or go in for a head shave.


As mentioned above, dreadlocks are sported by many people of African descent. Above is also mentioned that, going in for dreadlocks is like a final say in the styling process for the particular bunch of hair and you will have to go in for a shave or a cut to try out new style. However, long plaited dreadlocks are quite popular and also can be given a clean look when focused on.


Out of the many hairstyles for black boys, S-curls stands out if your boy likes to keep his hair a little longer at the top while curling down on the sides and at the back. S-curls are cool among the little black boy haircuts, as they add to the beauty of natural curls with a pinch of style.


An awesome style to try among the list of black hairstyles for boys with long hair. A mix and match touch of braids and razored hair at the sides makes this hairstyle none less than a perfect!!

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