The world as we know it is changing and this new phase we are in is driven by technological advances. Several new technologies are being developed daily to help shape our world and ease the way we do things. The internet is one colossal tech invention which has totally reshaped our world. Now everyone wants to be online, businesses are moving from physical shops to online stores, you can carry out financial transactions with your mobile devices from the comfort of your home and so on. The influence of technology on our modern world today cannot be underestimated. This movement has led to the rise of several high value companies. In this article, we take a look at the biggest tech companies in the world currently.

Apple Inc ($741.6 billion)

I’m sure you would have guessed correctly the number one tech company on this list. This American tech company founded by the late Steve Jobs is the darling of a lot of tech product lovers. The range of products of Apple Inc. includes Ipod, Iphone, Macbook computers. The company has a reputation of being the architect of most thought provoking innovations. Every new product launch by Apple Inc. is eagerly awaited by tech enthusiasts all over the world as the company leads the way when it comes to defining cutting edge technology. The company is currently the second largest phone maker in the world in terms of units produced and this is due to the paradigm shift from being computer manufacturers to consumer electronics manufacturer which has seen the company thrive and grow tremendously.

Alphabet ($367 billion)

In 2015, search engine giant Google launched Alphabet as its parent company. The company led by Sundaram Pichai is the public holding company of Google that churns out vast share of its earnings from advertising programs especially from Youtube. The company since inception has been doing great with the launch of several innovative programs such as Google Venture that promotes business for startups. Also, there is Google Venture that acts as the investment wing for the company in its long term projects. Alphabet’s revenue went up from $24.22 billion to $24.75 billion in the first quarter of 2017.


Microsoft ($340 billion)

Third one this list is Microsoft, yeah the company founded by Bill Gates. There is hardly anyone in the world who is in tune with modern technology who doesn’t know Microsoft. It is hard to see any other OS take over from Microsoft Windows OS in the nearest future. Microsoft itself is an institution and its stronghold are computer hardware and software components along with digital distribution. The company became a popular choice for many in terms of OS usage due to its lucidity and user friendly interface. Microsoft is a dominant force in the world of computers and laptops, and the company has also acquired tech companies, Skype technologies and LinkedIn, a move which has seen the company move cross over seamlessly from office programming to social media at ease.

Facebook ($231.6 billion)

Popular social media platform Facebook was founded in the year 2004, in Massachusetts, United States. On the average, 1 billion users make use of the platform daily. Facebook Inc. the company behind Facebook has grown exponentially from the time it was founded. Headquarters of the company is located in Menlo Park in California. Recently, Facebook introduced live video option for its users. Facebook also acquired famous photo blogging platform Instagram in 2012. Facebook entered into partnership with some other technology-based companies in 2013 and it offers basic internet service for free in Africa, Asia and Latin America. In 2015, Facebook grew by 17% as compared to previous years.

Samsung Electronics ($199.4.6 billion)

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd was set up in the year 1969. It currently runs three divisions: information technology, consumer electronics and mobile communications. Sales of the company increased by 6.5% in 2015, and gross profit also increased almost by 2.5%. Between 2009 and 2015, total asset of Samsung has gone up from $294 billion to $529 billion. The company is expected to continue to grow as it releases new products into the market in over 125 countries.


Oracle ($187 billion)

Oracle Corporation in the year 2015 became the second largest software manufacturer behind Microsoft. Prior to the company reaching that height, it has served millions of people across the world by partnering with SAP. The company founded by Larry Ellison is one of the few companies in the world that not only provides software service in its Oracle Cloud division but also integrated storage systems such as Exdata database machine and Exalogic Elastic Cloud.

Tencent ($181 billion)

Tencent is a Chinese owned multinational tech company. It is a billion dollar internet company that is also well trusted in the web world for providing e-commerce and gaming services. The company whose name literally translates to “Soaring Information” provides popular messenger service like Tencent QQ, and WeChat in its country of birth. A key factor that works in Tencent’s favour against other giants is that it has its own payment system called TenPay that makes B2B, B2C and C2C payment possible both in online and offline mose. Tencent also has its own search engine website called Soso and auction site called Pai Pai further adding to the diversity of Tencent’s business interests which many industry insiders believe will take the world by storm.

IBM ($160 billion)

International Business Machine Corporation popularly called IBM is one of the earliest names in tech industry. The company has constantly been reinventing itself in order to stay relevant and keep up with the times. The company’s growth can be attributed to the quality of employees it absorbs into its think tank. As a result of this, some of the greatest inventions in the world helping the human race are attributed to IBM. The company is behind the automated teller machines (ATM), floppy disks, UPC bar code, magnetic stripe card etc. The company is also known as “Big Blue”, and some of its former employees are Apple Inc. CEO Tim Cook, CEO of Lenovo Steve Ward, and Alfred Amorso, former chairman of Yahoo! This underscores the important role IBM plays in the world of technology.

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Intel ($147 billion)

Even though the market value of Intel is lesser than that of rival IBM, the company is still believed to be the pioneer with an insurmountable market share in the field of personal computer microprocessors. The growth of the company slowed down in the 2000’s due to the decline of PC but still the company has the likes of Dell, Lenovo and HP on its customer list which goes to show why Intel has remained the go-to tech company for over five decades. Globally, the company operates in a total of 63 countries other than the US, with world class manufacturing plants and R&D centers. It is physically present in the likes of China, India, and Israel.

Cisco ($139 billion)

Next is Cisco or if you prefer, Cisco Systems. It is an all American tech company that has established itself as one of the most bankable telecommunication and wireless product makers in the world. The company has also shown unmatched commitment towards providing excellent products for VoIP services, computing system, broadband, wireless, security and surveillance etc.


The biggest tech companies in the world currently are listed in this article. The companies on this list are popular names that you most likely guessed would feature even before you started reading this article. I hope you have learnt one or two new things about these largest tech companies in the world.

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